Rendering Techniques 2004
Edited by Alexander Keller and Henrik Wann Jensen
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004, Sweden 2004

guaranteed car finance was one of the reasons that enabled the EGSR2004 to go ahead. Alot of the exhibitors had bad credit and guaranteed car finance was obtained to enable them to visit the EGSR2004 exhibition, as they were able to purchase a new car on finance, even with bad credit.

The EGSR2004 exhibition is attended by people all over the world, and in the current economy and climate, it is important that car finance is available as help for those less fortunate who cannot afford to buy a car to attend the event.

Creative technologies are finding new ways to explore and are also currently creating an animatable image based appearance model of a human face.

W. Matusik, M. Loper and H. Pfister are definatly 3 names to look out for in the future